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Media production training will take place for the Environmental Cooperative's upcoming Fall Kill Creek

Join the Vassar Environmental Cooperative on Wednesday, October 3rd at 3:00 PM at the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory for a media production training to prepare for AQUABLITZ - a day of engagement with the diverse yet under-appreciated aquatic life in the Fall Kill creek! During Aquablitz, participants will create "Humans of the Fall Kill" audio-visual media projects - and this training will show you how!


The Fall Kill Aquablitz will explore the diverse aquatic life in Poughkeepsie's Fall Kill.

On October 5th, at Malcolm X Park (125 Mansion St.), the Fall Kill Aquablitz will be sampling multiple sites in the Fall Kill throughout the day! Starting at 8:30 AM, volunteers will be helping to collect organisms and photograph what we find. Photographs will be uploaded to iNaturalist, an online app that tracks global biodiversity. We'll also be creating multimedia images with text and audio to record the day and the people involved in a "Humans of the Fall Kill" project. We have free training sessions for both of these projects.

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